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CAPUCCI - Spring/Summer show 2018 in Milan (with interviews)

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Designer: mario dice & paola santarelli : ceo & owner of capucciatmosphere: a dance floor with a cast of girls dancing in front of a panel of judges.collection: vibrant colours, long fluid dresses made with feminine muslin, chinese crepe, silk and ruffles to accentuate the idea of movement and freedom. pink and orange clash. a 70s spirit is injected into the collection. versatile, dynamic, joyful, intended for the clientele of today. the italian label, recognized for its couture during the fifties, who dressed the era of marylin monroe and liza minneli, hopes today to impose its vision of a ready to wear brand 100% made in italy with a real savoir-faire for couture. to note: the short graphic dress with swathes of colour, the dress with lurex shoulders, the short, the apple green jacket with matching trousers and long, fluid, bohemian dresses. interviews with paola santarelli & mario dice:paola santarelli : capucci is from the fifties, and still going, especially with haute couture. we decided to have women who feel good and who are always proud to be women during the day and then normal night dinners. so we have this idea to do casting in the 70s inspired by donna summer, gloria gaynor and so on to show models not walking but dancing, speaking. it’s a casting to show that dresses can be for every moment in the day.maio dice : the new girl is really strong, really young, really sophisticated. i want to change the idea that capucci is only for older women, andi want to with this collection, create the new capucci woman. the long story started fifty years ago and i decided to put every piece for every year in this collection. paola santarelli : this is a 100% italian brand, in each piece, each people who works on the dress, the organisation is fully italian and i hope our brand is appreciated because we do it all alone. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to infromation).