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Red Attitude or Pink Passion?: Autumn-Winter Trend 2017/18

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Next season, two colours will stand-out as the ‘must-haves’: red and pink.now more than ever, it’s time to work this rock ‘n’ roll combination, and even to dare to wear pink in winter, no matter your age. we’re talking about variety: from candy pink to mauve. valentino interprets pink from vibrant to dark, koché focuses on fuchsia, while topshop and marni unveil pastels that look good enough to eat. for the more subtle amongst you, dark pink remains the best choice. and why not pair it with red?lust-worthy blood red has always turned heads while elegantly brightening up the complexion, like at jill sander, christopher kane, and giambattista valli, who create an entire blood red look.it can vary like a gemstone in tune with weather or mood, even comprising colours like bordeaux.but whatever it be, red in all its variations will allow you to show-off, all the while keeping a hidden element of passion which never fails to make an impression.cecilia bonstrom: this freedom, this nonchalance, and this manner in which women dress themselves in order to be what they want to be. so, we’re rock ‘n’ roll, and we use a lot of colours. it’s perhaps slightly contradictory even so for a rock ‘n’ roll design house to use so many colours.karl lagerfeld: this red is actually like a hidden red, which is the inspiration, and which gives a sort of life to everything, as well as a very, very feminine quality. men don’t really like those kinds of clothes which were occasionally classic but, in the end, not really timeless.music free of right: bandit & nikit