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Shoe trends: platforms, colour block and childish patches for 2017

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The accessory is everywhere and shoes have never been so watched, admired, and above all more and more worked on and original. for 2017, equally in the shows and in the big chains, some of the big trends are emerging.first of all to highlight the arrival of new forms with a big return to wedges and platforms.then the colours: lively, graphic, daring. going all out. but with a breakthrough of pastel tones, already picked up in the clothes, and which even spreads to the shoes. finally adding details, like the patches, logos and quite fun and cool prints. now anything goes. to conclude, for the year 2017, if it’s higher, more colourful, more original it’s better, but never forgetting comfort. with the interview of alice de germiny, responsible private labels / house brand sarenzainterview :we will find forms with more and more platforms, which are thicker, the heels are also enlarged and new big soles of solid blocks, and lower heels with platforms, so voila, raised shoes, but raised while remaining practical and comfortable. we want a bit more joy, to be a bit happier, more cheerful, and effectively we have a big return to colour. so there are two types of colours, firstly very strong, lively colours, a lot of colour block like primary and mondrian colours, then a return to pastels, which is very important for the next season, so we will have these tones, very pale pink, nudes, sky blue, a lot of white, a lot of monochrome with the impression that we dipped the shoe in a painting, with the sole and the upper which are exactly the same colour.there’s a little bit of a regressive side, a return to childhood, we want to have fun, in fact the accessory and the shoe are truly made for funall of one side is a bit more frida kahlo, pom-poms, raffia, braiding, wax as well, so very colorful ethnic things, which generally work well in summer. (music free : bandit & nikit)