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Fashion and its transformations : The new challenges of the press by Xavier Romatet

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At the time of the digital, what is the future of the press and its new function? xavier romatet, president of condé nast publications france answers these interrogations in the setting of vogue fashion festival. interview with xavier romatet, ceo of condé nast publications franceinterview with xavier romatet :yes the function of the press changes, since we have a function of prescription, we have a function of mediation, and then we will have a function of transaction, it’s to say that we will be forced to go to e-commerce. i believe in the future of paper, paper created influence, if you don’t have paper you don’t have influence, but the digital creates power, creates the community, it increases the ways to get in contact with the brand, and behind the digital we produce the contents, we are financed by publicity and tomorrow these contents allow us to have content that will go directly to the e-commerce, so the digital it’s both the possibility to increase our communities and secondly to deepen this link with the community, by offering them something other than information, that of the transaction. we are in the temporality that has nothing to do with the magazine, vogue is a monthly magazine like the magazines of condé nast, the digital is permanent, and so there are the temporalities which are not opposing, but which are complimentary. the second thing about the digital is that there are codes, there are writings, it’s an audio visual media and so this completes our writing, written writing, and there are photos on the print, and we must have an audio and visual writing on the digital, so it changes the role of the journalists, and it forces the journalists to acquire and to think and to come up with subjects which are totally global today. we have 4 million 700 thousand fans of vogue paris on facebook, 3 million 700 thousand followers on twitter, and we have close to 2 million followers on instagram, so it’s an important community, so for this community we produce enormous amount of content, especially on instagram where we post the things, now instagram participates in the image, it participates in the relationship, the question is how we realize, and transform this relationship in engagement and in transaction and that’s all instagram’s challenge. we can’t simply limit it to posting shows, we must have a return to investment and so the challenge consists of how i manage these tools, not only in order to acquire a bigger community but how but how i transform these communities into a committed community, and therefore the key word for the coming years is commitment.(music free : bandit & nikit)