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Belstaff : collection spring-summer 2017 in London

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Creative director : delphine ninoussecond collection signed by liv tyler for belstaffinspiration :the english countryside at the end of the 60s before the 70s rock’n’roll which imposed during that silhouette : free, the image of marianne faithfull, patti boyd and annita pallenberg. a big wardrobe inspired by the life style of liv tyler, who likes to mix military pieces to restrain from being more folk.a feminine collection, joyful and imprinted with personality. invterview with delphine ninous : this has been inspired by the van buren sisters who rode across america, from new york to la in 1916. they were the first women to do that, fighting for women’s rights .i was inspired by their military clothes they were wearing which relates to the belstaff heritage, to contrast i put in some very feminine dresses because at the time the women were very feminine so i brought this femininity and fluidity into the collection. the femininity and the masculinity together is always at the center of the belstaff women’s collection and in this collection it’s even stronger i would say.interview with liv tyler :the first collection was kind of made having a few pieces which were things i always wanted to have in my wardrobe that i could get to design myself, like a great military coat and the cape and we didn’t do that many underneath pieces. we did have one look with a blouse, that came in two colours and a pair of pants and some shoes but it was really about the outer wear and these great classic things that i wanted to design. i had ideas of things fro, films and people and images i had seen and delphine had a few of her ideas and we knew we wanted to do something that was floral to be able to mix with a leather jacket and have this was that print to kind of create – i love the idea of something being very feminine but very effortless.i have a very visual mind so ill think often of a look that i want and then i’ll try and find it so this has been very fun for me to be able to actually create those look for myself and to share them with my friends.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)