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Interview with Eddy Anemian, laureate of the H&M Design Award

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The biggest luxury groups, sponsorships and even the fast fashion brands like h&m have all created a prize to aid the young designer. to be a laureate can really open the door to a career. the latest example, eddy anemian, the young french student from la cambre who received the h&m design award this year, giving him the chance at just 24 years old to have his own commercialised collection. he is revealed with sincerity in an interview just before the release of his collection which comes out on the 20th of october in h&m stores worldwide. interview: eddy anemian: i won even though everyone was saying to me you haven’t got a collection that can be sold, how can you do that when it seems impossible all that work with bands of stitching one by one, and that was the principal for the collection, it was how can we now translate that to reality. it’s the frills by the thousands, and it’s hundreds of strips of cloth, it’s not a problem, it’s that which is the collection that we did so i knew very well that i would work well with the team who did the collaborations with isabel marant, comme des garçons, and margiela, so at the time i really didn’t feel i had any worries and as soon as the collection started that was the crescendo, it really was quite simple. the idea of the creation was to show style and to show that we are capable to plant themselves in a new fashion scene. when you are a student perhaps you’re not quite sure what you can do or discover and the fact that is the big contest, who say you are the winner, it means that they accept your aesthetic and it gives you the confidence in fact and at the time it was like i was waiting, i’ve always wanted to work in fashion, i was too happy. in the future i would like to be a creative director perhaps, but that is the ultimate dream and that is done by experience in house or by two or three apprenticeships in a house, to create my brand, when i feel ready that i have the motivation and spirit, because now it’s up to me to know as i’m riding on a wave where lots of journalists are interested in my work or i’ll make myself forget and come back later but not to wait too much longer, it’s up to me to decide. free music/bandit & nikit