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Exclusive interview with Rihanna

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Fashion and style icon, even clinching an award from the cfda, the equivalent of a fashion oscar in america, rihanna unveils her beauty tips whilst promoting her new perfume, christened rogue. for the occasion, an exclusive meeting with her fans was organised at sephora on the champs elysées in paris. interviews:rihanna:after i shower, i like to moisturise my skin really well and then i just pick out an outfit. sometimes i will do my make-up and hair first so i can get a little cue and feel the look while i am going through my closet and then i go. sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it’s just like that.(that would be) my perfume because you definitely want to smell good all the time and i love leaving a lasting impression with my fragrance. i think people tend to remember smells and things like that so i love playing with that and i love making a fragrance that is strong enough to do that.there are things that come to me all the time and i don’t even know where they come from but i will smell a random shampoo and it would remind me of a perfume my mum used to wear just by one ingredient being the same so it happens.music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012