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Kenzo - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with Itw)

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Pilgrimage towards india, nepal and china for duo humberto leon and carol lim at kenzo. warm colours around metallic gold, spangled black, red, deep blue gives strength to this new collection where models appear as new urban warriors. short hyper bomber jackets are teamed with ruffled miniskirts or slim trousers matched with graphic tops in jacquard. kimono sleeves take on new dimensions. prints of temples merge into stripes while the eye, symbol of protection in asia, multiplies on several garments. once again, the duo hit hard and place kenzo back on the runway as one of the most attractive labels of the season. music from fashion show interview humberto leon : it\'s all new fabric, we designed all the patterns and we did all the techniques and the texture, but obviously we always think about the house and what the house represents, carol and i went to the archives one day and we found these piles of ribbons and they don\'t look anything like the ribbons we made but it was a starting point for us to think about these ribbons. carol lim : each season we want to explore different aspects of the brand and i think that we wanted to modernize the ribbon dresses that kenzo made, we wanted to make now for 2013, and so there was always a luxurious side to the woman and there are pieces that balance both. humberto leon :i don\'t think it\'s about age, and i think that\'s the great thing about kenzo, it\'s never been about age, it\'s more about youth and spirit.