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Christian Lacroix - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (With Itw)

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It\'s in a hôtel particulier in the heart of the marais in paris, where sacha walckhoff presented the latest christian lacroix collection, aimed for a new generation who dares to divert the basics and who coordinate well with the suits but in a new way : the jacket is transformed into a sweater zipped along the back, the ensemble becomes a combination. the « toile de nîmes » brute is used as a reference, while padded nylon is found on several models, bringing new volumes to the lacroix silhouette. for his third season, the designer is more daring and develops an interesting energy within the house of lacroix. music from the fashion show interview sacha walckhoff : what i found really interesting was all this work of diversions with glimpses of couture, but they are really brief glimpses, like the sweaters made of fabric instead of being knitted, and that is something that is really quite couture. there are also these typical couture jackets which are overcoats, that are not really coats, nor parkas with a big zip, so basically there is this easy side, that is almost sportswear, and at the same time the construction, the work, really comes from my couture past. in the show i really wanted to reach out to a younger generation and artists and students, there is all this work on the uniform but not uniformity, in fact it\'s on the precision but with fantasy, so it\'s really a work that is always a balance, and for me it\'s also a very lacroix attitude.