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Costume National - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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For the upcoming winter, ennio capasa defends the golden age of rock, when the anger and rebellion help to change a world and especially fashion. on the catwalk, the tailor spirit is implemented with clean cut suits that are very 60s, biker jackets in soft leather, combined with jersey cardigans and long velvet coats. in contrast to the wealth of materials, black arises as a recurring leitmotif, sometimes combined with white or electrifying blue. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview ennio capasa : that reference is very important for me because i think this was a time when men changed fashion and i took this moment and tried to reinterpret with the spirit of today. so the hair is a little bit messy and a little bit rocky and wild. this mix between tailoring which i think is coming back very strongly with a lot of reference, and this kind of street, sophisticated clothes. it is just about beautiful fabric, we have a lot of very traditional things, like kind of english, old italian fabric or cashmere wool, and then it\'s all about blue and black, we have black and white and then this strong blue, which is like a very sporty blue. it\'s a collection about anger, it\'s the disagreeing of this feeling, i think it\'s a moment where there is this anger and this is just the prelude to change the feeling. i think this collection is really a step for me to go towards a wild boy in a way.