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The designers on holiday with Inès de la Fressange

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For some the word "holiday" goes with well-deserved rest and prospective joy and for others with horror, inactivity symbolizes nothingness! overview of our designers, workaholics ... so holidays, what do you think of them? and your happiest memory ? with inès de la fressange inès de la fressange : i love the holidays and i take lots of them, i'm not ashamed, i take one month in summer which is super important and i need it for the rest of the year, my holidays are generally good and often the same, i have a clan, a whole bunch of friends, of different ages, and therefore there's children, old people, young people, dogs and huge tables, the house is full to bursting and we all head off to the market, in what one could say is a caravan. and almost every year, it seems the same even though it may be different. i rented a house with a girlfriend, at the great dune of pyla, and then there was always so much drama, accusations of not doing anything in the kitchen, of not taking care of the house whereas she was an intellectual, but all the same, they were good holidays and it was with françoise sagan who was ultra friendly and cheerful, i remember her shampooing my dog, we were both soaked, much more than the dog for that matter, and actually today what i remember most of all of sagan is someone who was lovely every day, and intelligent, spiritual, funny and above all caring and ultimately i have forgotten the disputes with her husband. music - copyright free